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Established by veterans of the Polish games development industry in 2011 to fuse an experienced and professional approach to game development with creativity and freedom enabled by operating as an independent studio.

Today CFG is a team of experienced specialists in all walks of gamedev life and talented newcomers full of energy and new, original perspectives. The company has been growing organically since its founding and believes in a sustainable and deliberate expansion.

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About us was founded by gamers for gamers in 2020. The main shareholder is Creative Forge Games SA, which has been active on the gaming market for many years and has successfully released many games. The rest of the shareholders are passionate players and professionals in their fields such as art, analytics and project management.

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We are a young and ambitious team whose goal is to create the best and fun to play games. We are not many here, but we make up for it with hours of hard work and discipline.
If you have trouble with one of our games or just want to contact us about anything, please use the contact form on the right. We will respond within a few working days.